If you are here then you are well aware of the functionality and working of AltStore and AltServer. AltStore allows you to sign and install IPA files on your iOS device and, with the help of AltServer running on your PC; it automatically refreshes the side-loaded apps every 7 days. SideStore, rightfully called a fork of AltStore, provides the same functionality. What is the catch then? Well! SideStore does serve the same purpose as AltStore, but it does not require a companion app like AltServer running on a PC. If this piques your interest, then continue reading ahead to know more.

How SideStore works?

We understand that the first question, after reading the introduction, which must have surfaced in your brain, is how SideStore is doing what it claims to do. Hailed in the relative community, in terms of features and functionality, identical to AltStore; SideStore resigns and installs the app by leading astray the iOS operating system. It does so using your personal development certificate along with a virtual private network (VPN) constructed for this standalone purpose.

SideStore IPA Installer for iOS – Prominent Features

Apart from providing this amazing untethered sideloading experience, SideStore brings with it all the user-requested features. Check them out below.

Install Up To 10 Apps

While the usual sideloading apps allow you to sideload only 3 apps using Apple’s free certificate, with SideStore this limit enhances to 10 apps. Furthermore, you can easily switch/deactivate and move around these 10 apps with ease.

Use WiFi to sideload

Now, with SideStore, you can perform the entire sideloading process over a WiFi connection as well.

Jitterbug’s Loopback Method

The app installed via SideStore uses Wire Guard for making the VPN passageway. This allows SideStore to leverage Jitterbug’s Loopback method without submitting to the requirement of having a paid Apple Developer Account.

Free & Open Source

It is free to use the services of SideStore and expert users can even check the source code of SideStore available on GitHub. At the conclusion of the features, it is mandatory to tell you that SideStore works seamlessly with free as well as paid Apple Developer Accounts.

Built for Non-Jailbreak Users

SideStore works flawlessly on non-jailbroken iOS devices running on iOS 14 to iOS 16.

Existing Issues Fixed

  • The latest version of SideStore smoothly works with the Safari browser to complete the app refresh thereby tackling the issue of early expiration.
  • Various issues with regard to Anisette cease to exist by upgrading Anisette to version 3. Furthermore, users can create their very own Anisette server now. Even the Anisette server URL comes with an update to work with HTTPS connections thereby granting more security to the users.
  • “No provisioning profile with the requested identifier” and “The name for this app is invalid” issue fixed.
  • Overall, the latest version of SideStore comes with a complete overhaul and bug fixes thereby providing an optimized performance, smoother processes, and improved user experience.


Process to Download & Install SideStore on iOS

Please note that the initial installation process of SideStore might seem tricky and complex. It does require following a certain deal of prerequisites and preparations. However, once you are over it, the platform works like a charm on your compatible iOS device.

Before proceeding, you must know that for the initial installation of SideStore, you require using a PC with AltServer or SideServer. Once the installation is complete, then a PC no longer stays in the equation.

Step 1 > WireGuard Installation for VPN Passageway

Please note if you are using an iOS device running on iOS 16 or above, make sure you toggle ON the developer mode from Settings > Privacy & Security. Restart your device to continue.

  • Apple’s official App Store will provide you the WireGuard VPN Tunnel app.
  • Launch the app and hit the plus (+) button available in the top corner.
  • Hit the Create from File or Archive Here you will need the WireGuard configuration file from GitHub.
  • Confirm the pop-up by hitting the Allow.

Step 2 > Generate Pairing file from Jitterbug

This step helps you to establish communication of SideStore with your Apple device.

  • Make sure you have iTunes installed on your PC.
  • Unlock your device and connect the same with your PC.
  • Obviously, you will get pop-up asking whether you trust the device or not. Hit
  • Download the Jitterbug file as per your operating system (Windows, MAC or Linux).
  • This will download as a ZIP. Extract contents on your PC. Navigate to the extracted folder and do a Right-Click > Open in the Terminal.
  • Key in the below command and hit
    • ./jitterbugpair
  • This will save a [UDID].mobiledevicepairing file in the jitterbug folder.
  • Please change the name of this file to [UDID].plist.
  • Send this file to your iOS device as we are going to use it in the upcoming steps.

Step 3 > SideStore Installation

For the installation of SideStore, you can use AltServer or SideServer. Please note SideServer works only with MAC devices. Therefore, if you are a Windows user, AltServer is your only option. We do not recommend Sideloadly for the purpose as users who tried Sideloadly to install SideStore have run into innumerable issues. For your convenience, we will cover both here. Choose whatever makes you comfortable.

Install SideStore using AltServer

Make sure you have AltStore and AltServer running. If you do not click below to know all about the installation of AltStore and AltServer.

  • As a first, please download the SideStore IPA file on your PC/Laptop.
  • Connect your iOS device to the PC.
  • Follow the below steps.
    • MAC OS > Using the option or alt key, tap on the AltServer menu bar icon. From the menu that comes up, select the Sideload IPA option and choose the SideStore IPA file.
    • Windows > Using the Shift key, select the AltServer tray icon, select the Sideload IPA option and choose the SideStore IPA file.
  • This will start the installation of SideStore. Once installed, make sure you trust its profile under Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.

SideStore App - Device Profile Management | Tap on Trust

Install SideStore using SideServer [Only for MAC]

  • Make sure you have SideServer app installed on your MAC.
  • Connect your iOS device to your MAC.
  • Make sure you check mark the option of Sync over WiFi.
  • Launch SideServer and tap on the option of Install SideStore from it.
  • Simple instructions will come on your screen for completing the installation process.
  • Once installed, make sure you trust its profile under Settings > General > VPN & Device Management.

SideStore App Installed on iPhone

Step 4 > Addition of the Pairing File

Now, you have the SideStore app up and running on your iOS device. Launch the app, tap on Allow for notifications. After that, you will get another pop-up seeking the Pairing File. Hit OK and select the UDID.plist file that you have sent to your iOS device in Step 2 above. This will result in successful import of the pairing file.

Add Pairing File to SideStore on iPhone

Step 5 > Anisette Server

We recommend setting up your own Anisette Server as sometimes the in-built Anisette server can cause your account to go under Lock and display the error “Field to Log in. Unable to sign you in to your Apple ID. Try again later”.

Follow the below steps to set up a new Anisette server and host it free.

  • Navigate to
  • Tap on New Web Service.
  • You will have a field viz Public Git Repository at the bottom. Enter the below URL here.
  • Tap on Continue and follow the simple on-screen instructions.
  • Select a region and key in a preferable name for your service.
  • Tap on Create Web Service
  • You need to wait few minutes now for the completion.
  • After the build is complete, hit Manual Deploy > Deploy latest commit.
  • Make sure you test the functionality of your server.

Step 6 > Make SideStore to use your Anisette Server

  • On your iOS device, go to Settings > SideStore
  • You will see an Anisette URL field.
  • Here you require entering the server URL you created in Step 5 above.

Step 7 > Final Launch

  • Launch the SideStore app.
  • Navigate to Settings > Sign in with Apple ID > Enter your Creds > Sign In.

Sideload IPAs using SideStore [The Steps]

Now, SideStore is alive on your iOS device. For installing or sideloading any IPA via SideStore, you require following the below steps.

  • As a first, launch the WireGuard app and toggle ON the VPN service that you set up for SideStore.
  • Launch SideStore app.
  • Under My Apps section, hit the plus (+) icon and choose the IPA file that you wish to install from your iOS device.

SideStore My Apps Section on iPhone - UI

  • In just a minute or so, the sideloading process will complete.
  • The app will come up on both your iOS device’s home screen and SideStore My Apps section.
  • Make sure you toggle OFF the VPN service in WireGuard now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I Transfer my Apps from SideStore?

Yes, When you sideload or update the same app via SideStore The app’s data will not be lost. Do not remove the original app from the device.

Q - How to enable JIT?

Open the SideStore app and go to MyApps section. Tap and Hold on the app you want, you’ll some options. click on Enable JIT option.

Q - Can I sideload Apps with SideStore?

Yes, Just like you do with AltStore. The apps installed via SideStore will not get revoked and they will refresh in the background.

Q - How to Resolve Error-36607

The error 36607 occurs when the Anisette server is not working. Keep changing the mode and trying until it works for you.

Q - Does beta features of AltStore work on SideStore?

Yes, Since the SideStore is a clone of AltStore the developer continued the beta features too. But we don’t know whether they will be implemented or discontinued. Keep checking for latest updates.

Q - Why I can't access Internet while the VPN is active?

First, delete your Wi-Fi Settings and add your preferred DNS address to the WireGuard configuration file. Try to keep the same DNS for both Wi-Fi and WireGuard.

Q - Does VPN app Drain my Battery?

Actually, you don’t have to use the VPN app all the time. It is needed only when you sideload an app via SideStore. Even if you use it always it is not going to consume your battery in an abnormal way. WireGuard is an Open-Source app without any trackers and Ads. So many people trust this app with their privacy compared to other VPN apps. 

Q - AltStore vs Sideloadly which one is better?

SideStore is the most recent clone of the AltStore and it is easy to install but little bit hard to reload the app.

Q - How to Resolve Hanging while Updating the SideStore?

Stop other activities on your device and let the app continue updating. The app gets refreshed while using a VPN service to install any app directly. May be this is the cause.

Q - Does the VPN track my Internet Activity?

No. It will help you hide your identity on the internet. That’s why it is hard for the apple company to revoke your app’s certificates. So VPN is a must and should.

Q - Do I have to update the app to work with SideStore?

No need. SideStore works same way as the AltStore while signing an app. You don’t need an exclusive version of app to be compatible with SideStore.

Q - Can I Sign more than 3 apps using SideStore?

No, Not possible. This is apple company’s imposed restriction on user’s developer accounts.

Q - My Apps suddenly Disappeared What should I do?

Refresh the sidestore and see if you can get them back. If can’t they are gone and not accessible. If you’ve resideloaded the app without deleting then your app’s data is not lost. 

Q - Can I transfer my apps from AltStore or Sideloadly to SideStore?

Yes. Don’t delete the original app from your device and sideload the same or an updated version of the app via SideStore. It will be installed on your device without losing old data.

Q - Can I Get OTA updates with SideStore?

Yes. Simply click on the Update icon(for the respective app) in the SideStore app.

Q - Does SideStore has a StoreFront?

There is a Community forum available for the app. You can reach there and ask for it.

Q - Why Am I seeing a "Pacertest" update?

Pacer test upgrade is a test release to find if there is any issues with the major releases. It won’t appear on normal usage of the app.

Q - What is the app's time-limit on AltStore

After installing an app via AltStore, it should be refreshed within a week otherwise the app becomes unusable. 

Final Words

Now you are all set to use up to 10 side-loaded apps at once with SideStore on iOS. It can happen that you might face certain issues during the installation or usage. We are here to troubleshoot the issues that you might face. Just drop us a note in the comments below and we will help you. Furthermore, we will love to hear about your experience with SideStore as well. Happy Sideloading!